Megs House

Megs House

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Megs House

Meg’s House is a children’s book that captivates both parent and child alike.  It combines insight with the joy of discovery and is brought to life by Sue’s colourful illustrations. This story is designed to be read to a child by parents or older siblings.









So way up in the attic room, Meg sat alone in the deepest gloom,wishing hard that she could fly, out of the window and into the sky.

‘Your belief put them there,’ the angel sighed, ‘because from chores you always hide.






If you help out for your mother’s sake, she might find time to bake a cake!’

Quietly Meg thought about this. She’d free up her mother and give her a kiss.

In a flash of light, her eyesight cleared, the manacles just disappeared.






When he was happy, he lit up the room. Gone was the horrible feeling of gloom,

Dragons are wondrous, though quite hard to tame, to lock them away is a terrible shame.